Aavani Moola Festival

Every year, in the Tamil month "Avani", the Avani Moola Festival is being celebrated by the Meenakshi Amman Temple Devasthanam. This year, the festival will begin on Tuesday, 26th August, 2008. The special feature of this festival is that Lord Sundareswarar (Incarnation of God Shiva) going to start ruling the Madurai (also known as Kadambavanam) from this month onwards. Lord Sundareswarar Pattabhishegam will be on 8th September, 2008. Most of the people knows that Madurai is ruled by Goddess Meenakshi. Meenakshi ruled the Madurai only four tamil months (from chitirai to Aadi). Afterwards, Lord Sundareswarar starts ruling. Like this, God and Goddess alternatively ruling and protecting the Madurai and its people.

In this Month, Aavani Avittam is a famous programme for Hindus. This will happen every year in the Full Moon of the month of Avani. In this year, this festival is occured on Saturday, 16th August, 2008. During this day, all the Hindus wear a holy thread in their body and doing Chants, Mantras, Poojas and Aaradhanas to satisfy the deities. Also in this day, Lunar eclipse going to occur.

Festival Details :
1st Day - Karunkuruvikku Upadesam Seidha Leelai
2nd Day - Naaraikku Mukthi Kodutha Leelai
3rd Day - Manickam Vitra Leelai
4th Day - Dharumikku Porkizhi Alitha Leelai
5th Day - Ulavaa Kottai Aruliya Leelai
6th Day - Baananukku Angam Vettiya Leelai
7th Day - Valaiyal Vitra Leelai & Lord Sundareswarar Pattabishekam
8th Day - Nariyai Pariyaakiya Leelai
9th Day - Puttukku Mann Sumandha Leelai
10th Day - Viragu Vitra Leelai

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