Surya Festival

Bogi Pongal

Mattu Pongal

Kannum Pongal

Surya Pongal is celebrated on the second day of Pongal festival .the day is contributed to Lord Suriya whereas the extreme mercyfull deity who gives life for all the lives in the earth. Every member of the family gets up early in the morning, bathes, puts on new clothes and gathers to cook the traditional pongal. Women wake early on this day to create elaborate Kolams on the grounds in front of their doorway or home.

Farmers usually collect new Rice Grains from their fields and the cook with Jaggery and offer it to Lord Suriya before distribution. This overflowing of rice is a joyous occasion, and the children and adults as well will shout out 'Pongal-o Pongal.

New pots were bought and decorated before the rice is been cooked in the pot.then the pot will be heated and is rice with dhal and sugar is boiled to make the dish Pongal. On three days of pongal celebrations womens tends to decorate their home with kolams and several other Rangolis.

The Sun God is given pride of place during Pongal. In the villages, people gather in the courtyard and prepare the Pongal in the open. The first offering is made to the Sun.


The rice is cooked and prepared as a dish called Pongal, which is rice with dhal and sugar. This Pongal variety is called venpongal, ven meaning white. Another variety is also prepared with dhal and jaggery (sweet), called chakra1pongal, chakrai meaning sweet. To accompany the venpongal, people eat brinjal (eggplant) sambar (stew), vadai, idli, and spicy accompaniments.

Sweets, puddings, cooked rice or 'Sarkarai Pongal' are prepared on this day. On all the three days of Bhogi, Pongal and Maattu Pongal, women adorn the entrance of their houses with colorful kolams. Large patterns, decorated with colorful flowers and powders are drawn, crowding the entire street.

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