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Mattu Pongal is celebrated by means of memorial of their beloved Live stocks (cows).the live stocks were decorated with colorfull powders their horns wth glittering tapes,ropes and the bell which’ll be hanged in the neck of the cow. And the decorated cows are considered as Godess lakshmi and certain poojas were also performed to them. Mattu Pongal is special day for the Cow Rearers as they were seen as deity goddess Mahalakshmi.

Epic on Mattu Pongal

According to a legend, once Shiva asked his bull, Basava, to go to the earth and ask the mortals to have an oil massage and bath every day and to eat once a month. Inadvertently, Basava announced that everyone should eat daily and have an oil bath once a month. This mistake enraged Shiva who then cursed Basava, banishing him to live on the earth forever. He would have to plough the fields and help people produce more food. Thus this day is associated with cattle.

This day is also known by the name of Kanu Pongal when colored balls of cooked rice are placed in the open air by girls for the birds and crows to eat. With each ball of rice that the sister makes she prays for her brother's happiness and the brothers and sisters wherever they may be remember each other. Even community dinners were also common in Village side the ups and downs are abscent.

Jallikattu- A Bull Festival

A festival called Jallikattu is arranged in Madurai, Tiruchirapalli and Tanjavur on this day. Bundles of money are tied to the horns of ferocious bulls, which the villagers try to retrieve. Everyone joins in the community meal, at which the food is made of the freshly harvested grain. This day is named and celebrated as Tamizhar Tirunal in a fitting manner throughout Tamil Nadu.

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