Bogi Festival

Surya Pongal

Mattu Pongal

Kannum Pongal

Bhogi is significance and symbolical representation of celebration of getting rid of old ones forms new ones in the life .it is offered to lord Indira who is the God for Clouds and Rains" this festival s celebrated by the people on behalf of worshiping Lord Indira for Good Luck and Prosperity in the coming future. While like the head of the family gets up early in the morning and cleans up their house and puts a normal or Rangoli in the outer of their house and burns the waste cloths,and other unwanted commodities inside the house.(symbolically represents when old exits new will contribute).

Even All the houses from the richest to the humblest are thoroughly scrubbed and whitewashed.


The bon fire is nothing but as I said above the childrens used to enjoy with burning the old waste and unused products like cloths,woods,cow dunks etc.. the bonfire symbolizes prosperity and commonly fire is said to be the super cleaner which cleans sins and makes the mind purified. In Andhra Pradesh this day is celebrated by girls burning their old clothes and wearing the new ones after an oil massage and bath. Then follows Pongal Panai, a ritual in which new earthenware pots are painted and decorated with turmeric, flowers and mango leaves.

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