Pazhamutircolai: Pazhamutircolai is situated 19 kilometres from the temple town of Madurai. The place is full of natural beauty and sylvan surroundings. This hill is also known as Vrishabhadri or Idabagiri. At the foot of the hill is situated Azhakar Kovil, which is one among the 108 divyadesams sanctified by the hymns of Azhwars sung in praise of the Vishnu enshrined in this temple. Atop the hill Lord Muruga stands majestically in the temple as the Lord of the Hills popularly known as Kurinji Nilakkizhavan in Tamil. The temple of Pazhamutircolai can be reached by a motorable road leading to the hill.

This is the only one among Muruga’s Aaru Padai Veedu temples, where He graces the devotees with His consorts Valli and Deivanai. The wedding festival is celebrated along with Skanda Sashti festival. Also, this is the historical place where Lord played with the ripe Tamil poetess Avvaiyar asking her what fruit she wished, cooked or uncooked – Sutta Pazham or Sudadha Pazham.

Greatness : During the early days, there was a Vel only in the temple. Later, an idol of Muruga in a standing posture with His consorts Valli and Deivanai and the Aadhi Vel with a peeta was made. Lord Vithaga Vinayaka is on the right of His younger brother. This is the only temple among the Aaru Padai Veedu where Lord Muruga graces the devotees with His consorts. People bathe in the sweet Noopura Ganga and worship the Guardian Deity Rakkayi Amman. While the Naaval trees yield fruits in July-September months, the tree here yields fruits in Aipasi – October-November when Lord Muruga’s Skanda Sashti festival takes place. Lord Kallazhagar temple is at the foot of the hills. Sholaimalai Murugan temple is at the top.

History : A staunch Lord Muruga devotee, ripe old in wisdom and age, poetess Avvaiyar was passing through this place. She authored many verses teaching children and grown ups as well highest truths to enlighten souls. Lord Muruga, in the guise of a shepherd sitting on a Naaval tree, saw Avvaiyar weary and relaxing under a tree, asked her if could help her with fruits to quench her thirst. When the poetess expressed her wish, He asked whether she wanted cooked or uncooked fruits. Avvai could not understand what he meant, yet asked for the cooked ones. He dropped the fruits. Avvai tried to remove the dust on them by mouth breathing. Lord asked whether the fruits were hot – as they were ripe. The poetess then understood the meaning – cooked or uncooked fruits – Sutta pazham or Sudadha pazham in Tamil. Lord Muruga smiled at her. The philosophy behind the story is that human mind is covered by the dust of materialism which should be removed to see truth and realize God. This will be possible only if only humans develop wisdom and true knowledge

Location : Azhagar koil is 23 km from Madurai Central Bus Stand. Sholaimalai Murugan temple is 3 km from this place. Temple administration operates bus service to and fro from the temple.

Daily Poojas at Temple

Temple Timing :

Morning - 6.00am to 06.00pm Continuosly


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